Hello All,
I have several server roles (Cluster Installation), DB, DWH, FrontEnd, VOD Packager, etc.
I have some trouble for playing VOD and Live entries. The “Edit Entry” function works OK, the URL is something like that: http://front01.cdn.xxxxx.com/p/101/sp/10100/serveFlavor/entryId/0_wpkc6kyh/v/2/ev/3/flavorId/0_0hep5n0i/forceproxy/true/name/a.mp4
The url points to FRONTEND server.

BUT…when I try “Preview & Embed” the URL is NOT WORKING. May be because points to VOD Packager Server (that’s logical): http://vodpackager1.cnd.xxxxx.com:88/hls/p/101/sp/10100/serveFlavor/entryId/0_wpkc6kyh/v/2/ev/3/flavorId/0_82kbtp9d/name/a.mp4/manifest.m3u8

May be I misstaked configuring /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/system.ini , /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/media_servers.ini, and /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/broadcast.ini

I dont know what means “PRIMARY_MEDIA_SERVER_HOST” related to VOD Packagers and FrontEnd Servers…and, there is NO “SECONDARY_MEDIA_SERVER_HOST”???.

Is conceptual problem…and…I dont get it!!!


Hi @lsonzogni,

Let’s talk about VOD first:)
The Nginx host [where the kaltura-nginx package which includes the nginx-vod-module is deployed] needs to be accessible from all devices requesting playback. You can certainly put a load balancer in front of the Nginx nodes so that only it is accessible from the outside, SSL offloading to the nodes.

A rather detailed explanation of the different configurations related to delivery via the VOD module can be found here:

You can read about how the Nginx SSL config here:

We also have templates for configuring SSL offloading with HAProxy and Apache’s mod_proxy, see links in the howto.

In regards to live streaming, kaltura-nginx is also shipped with the RTMP module, which you can use for live streaming. See:

/opt/kaltura/app/configurations/media_servers.ini is not needed for that. It is only being used by the “Kaltura Live Streaming” option is meant to work with Wowza, which is not FOSS.

This solution [consisting of https://github.com/kaltura/media-server and https://github.com/kaltura/livedvr and Wowza] is not officially supported when using CE though as you can see, the repos are FOSS and licensed under AGPLv3 so if you’d like to deploy them manually from the source, you are welcome to do so.

Like I said, you’ll also need to pay for a Wowza license. If you do decide to try, use Wowza of version 4.7.3. It’s important to state that I cannot commit to providing support for this but you are always welcome to post additional questions.

Thanks for the info Jess. Now, after reading and checking your answer, is working OK!!!

Hi @lsonzogni,

Glad to hear we’re good:)

Happy videoing,