Live Stream from Wowza Stream Target

I am able to stream to Kaltura from Wirecast but not from a RTMP Wowza Stream Target. I used to be able to do this. How do these Wowza Stream Target fields map to the Kaltura fields in the XML export?

Source Stream Name

Destination Application Name

Destination Application Instance

Destination Host

Destination Port

Destination Stream Name

User Name



Hi Bryan,

Thank you for posting this question. We’ve taken a look at it on our end, and posted an example of the parameter mappings. If this doesn’t work, or you continue to experience issues, please do not hesitate to email me directly at

From Kaltura XML export, look at the block and break the info into different fields in Wowza stream target

For example:


Break into:
Source Stream Name - NA

Destination Application Name – “kLive?t=2f6e1fef”

Destination Application Instance - NA

Destination Host - rtmp://

Destination Port - 1935

Destination Stream Name - 1_zjusakdb_1

User Name - NA

Password - NA

Thanks! Wowza is a bit different as it expects a Source Stream Name.

Also it assumes “rtmp://” on the Destination Host.

I have the steam playing now. (see link below)

Unfortunately the captions embedded as 608 and aslo injected by Wowza as WebVTT are not displaying in the Kaltura Live Stream Player. This is curious as I understand that Kaltura uses Wowza to handle live streams…


Hi Bryan,

As of this moment, we do not currently support live captions. The good news is that it’s part of our product roadmap. I’ve made a note to keep you in the loop as this develops.


I managed to configure a stream target in wowza following the above, now stream target goes active in green but for some reason i dont see anything in kaltura side.

If i remove the katura token ?t= too from wowza the stream still goes active, seems like kaltura is accepting anything on port 1935?

Can you please advise? Is RTMP livestreaming supported in kaltura?


Hi @OCX,

Please see my reply here: