S3 remote Storage prolem

I am not be able to play videos more than 10 Second with S3 remote storage. Is there any way my video will not go to a.m3u8 just play like small video as a.mp4

Hi @learn_linux,

See @aquileasfx1’s reply here:

Videos with a duration of 10 seconds and below will not benefit from ABR [Adaptive BitRate] protocols [HLS, DASH, etc] and are therefore not fragmented [AKA progressive download], which is why, even if your delivery profile is incorrectly configured, it will not necessarily affect them and they will be served directly from your Kaltura storage.

For more info about configuring the Nginx VOD module against AWS S3/CloudFront, see:

I have added the the delivery profile to HTTP for streamer type and delivery type but the videos more than 10 Second will auto change to a.m3u8 and if i never add apple_http the video more than 10 Second never play. So how I configure all videos to play http so these video use a.mp4. Also i have configure the remote storage only in profile setting

Please follow the howto I referred you to.
If something doesn’t work, provide the full Nginx config you’re running as well as the output for:

mysql> select * from delivery_profile where id=$YOUR_ID;

and, ideally, a test page where the player is embedded.
Make sure it is actually using the delivery_profile.id you think it does. You can confirm that by looking at /opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_prod.log.