How to configure Kaltura 11.7.0 for HLS/m3u8?


I use Kaltura 11.7.0 and I’m trying to configure Kaltura it in order to deliver video to mobile devices (in particular iPhone devices) using an external CDN (Amazon Cloudfront).

The Amazon CF configuration in Kaltura works fine for mp4 with Android devices, but when I try to view the videos with iPhone with installed iOS 9.1 or higher, I can see just the player logo that spins.

Then I tried to configure an HLS delivery, but I’m not able to find any documentation about the delivery method for HLS / .m3u8 files.

In particular I found 3 menu that are involved in delivery configuration:

In http://my.domain/admin_console/index.php/delivery/delivery-profiles-configuration/filter_type/byid/filter_input/: action menu --> configure
Delivery profile Type
Streamer Type

and in http://my.domain/admin_console/index.php/partner/external-storages/filter_type/byid/filter_input/: action menu --> configure
Delivery Details

where it’s possible to adds one or more protocols related with the remote storage (Amazon S3 in this case).

Anyone knows how to configure the fields above for a correct HLS delivery?

As usual, any suggestion would be appreciated.



Can you start by checking whether it works here:

Also see:
in particular

Might also help if you provide links the an embedded player so we can take a look.

Thanks Jess, your feedback is very appreciated!

My problem is understand how to create the manifest m3u8 with Kaltura, because calling (directly or via player) my m3u8 files in the HLS tester and also in my browser I obtain always an 404 error.

I’m not sure if Kaltura creates automatically this files when the client device is Android, checking the link you suggested me it seems so and it’s possible disable the HLS delivery via player api.
In this case I can’t understand the reason why it respond with 404, if it automatically create from Kaltura.

Hello AML,

Sure, happy to help.
If you want HLS on Android, see
is it not enabled by default.

As far as generating the m3u8 manifest: yes. Kaltura does that by itself if you use
this project is included in CE with the kaltura-nginx package. See the link above for its documentation.
You can also configure Kaltura to use any CDN that knows how to do the same. We have modules to support most common CDNs, such as Akamai, CloudFront, Level 3, etc.


Our Kaltura test installation is an RPM single server based on CentOS 6.6 64bit.
My problem is that the player automatically use m3u8 whan the client is mobile iOS iPhone, and in particular in this case tha player just spins and it’s not possible see the video content.
Basically I don’t want force the player to use HLS delivery, but it seems the default setting for the video player HTML5 (html5 lib 2.39) and I’m not able to play any other version on iOS iPhone device.

Also, I installed the nginx-vod-module and I configured via the same host for vod, api and kmc.

Maybe I have to change the hosts and configure different host for api/vod/kmc ?


Please share a URL where this problem can be seen and also, the output for:
mysql> select * from delivery_profile\G

while masking any passwds or other sensitive info and I’ll take a look.

Hi Jess, you can find a sample player here:

and this is the output of the query about the delivery profiles:

thanks in advance for your time and support.


Hello @amletoguerra,

do you still having problems playing the HLS?
I can help you I know how.

if you still have the problem let me know
I will be glad to help


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“mee too”.
i have kaltura 11.11 and ios issue. kaltura configured as ssl, and manually added http config to apache
test video -
works under win and android
on apple - not(

Hello @mihail_karpych

basically you have to create a delivery profile
for each format, hds/hls
for hls you have to select type: vod_packager_hls
then assign that profile to your kmc

that should work.


Hello @aquileasfx1
can you provide step-by-step guide?
this actions per publisher? or system wide?

Hi @mihail_karpych,

In order for it to be inherited by all NEW partners, you can edit the kaltura.delivery_profile table and update the records for partner 0. All new partners will inherit these configurations. For existing partners, you will need to either edit existing records in the same way, replacing 0 with the partner ID, or, which is more recommended, use the Admin Console->your partner->profiles->delivery profiles configuration forms.

Also, see here:

thank you @jess, i’ll try.
if get problems - i’ll open a new thread

Please do. In general, it should work just fine out of the box when installing the kaltura-nginx package and configuring as I detailed but you’re always welcome to ask additional questions.

Hello @aquileasfx1 I need help regarding s3 storage. I will configure S3 and all videos uploade to S3 but the video below the 10 second will play with a.mp4 and it will work good but the video more than 10 Second never played and it will be a.m3u8

Hello @learn_linux,

if you want to deliver the mp4 files from S3 you can do it using cloudfront or directly from S3,
the delivery profile should be HTTP fro both streamer type and delivery type, then you have to attach this delivery profile to your remote storage.

if you want to convert the mp4 from S3 to HLS or DASH, you have to use the kaltura nginx module.

please tell me if you need more help.

Bryan Giles