Problem installing Kaltura Video Package for Moodle


I’m attempting to install the Kaltura Video Package as a plugin on my Moodle. I’ve downloaded the KVP zip package, but installing it requires that I have access to the server hosting my Moodle. I was wondering if there is KVP zip file that will allow me to install the plugin from the Moodle admin console, without having access to the Moodle server.

Thank you.


Hi @BPTGuy,

In order to deploy it from the Moodle Admin I/F, you will need to extract the contents from the ZIP archive, manually create separate archives per directory under local and mod (as Moodle expects it) and then upload each of them, so each directory below is compressed into a separate ZIP archive [should include the local and mod paths]:

  • local/kaltura
  • local/mymedia
  • local/kalturamediagallery
  • mod/kalvidres
  • mod/kalvidpres
  • mod/kalvidassign
  • blocks
  • filter
  • pix

The archive containing local/kaltura should be uploaded and installed before the others.
Please note that this procedure it not tested by our QA but you are very welcome to try it.

In addition, just to make sure you are aware, This package depends on KAF (Kaltura Application Framework) which is a licensed product by Kaltura.
Thus, if you are using Kaltura CE, you will not be able to use it.
If you are interested, there is this a parallel project created and maintained by YU which you can read about here:

These packages do not require KAF and can work with Kaltura CE.