Non-KAF Moodle plugins for Kaltura CE released

This is an announcement.
We have developed non-KAF Moodle plugins.
Now, our plugins have been published in the Moodle web site (at follow URLs).

Our plugins can work with the Kaltura Community Edition, and support the Moodle 2.9 - 3.3.
These plugins use the Kaltura Client Libraries.
However, between our plugins and the Kaltura Video Package, there are many differences about source codes, functions and page designs.



Hi @t-saito,

This is really exciting news and I’m sure many of our users will benefit from it:)
Thank you for your hard work and contribution!

Thanks @jess ,

Through the Moodle, users can upload media files, preview and delete their medias, and edit metadata of each media.
Also, users can set enable/disable access restriction to their media,and easily embed their media in Moodle courses.
Since our plugins provide all functions without the Adobe Flash and Java, various operating systems and web browsers support our plugins.

We hope that our work will be helpful for users and contributors.

This is an announcement, again.
In the first published version of our plugins, we omitted a webcam recording function.
Because, development and publication of the Adobe Flash will be ended in 2020.
Latest version of plugins (version 1.1.0), we have added non-Flash webcam recording function.
This function uses JavaScript and the WebRTC API.
Now, the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari support this function.
Since the Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge don’t support the WebRTC API yet, these browsers cannot execute this function :sweat_smile:


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@t-saito - awesome news!
are you able to decouple the recorder as a standalone widget for others to use in their own apps, or is tightly coupled with the moodle plugin?

We can decouple the recorder, and will create standalone HTML (or PHP) and JavaScript files.
But, it takes about a week to create these files.
Although smartphones and tablet devices don’t support the WebRTC API, these devices can record a video by click “INPUT” HTML tag in a normal file uploader.
For PCs, the webcam recorder is required.


Hello @ZoharBabin
Now, non-Flash webcam recording and uploading scripts are distributed in following URL.

Now, uploading function does not support the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing.
So that, users must place my scripts in a web server on which the Kaltura system is running.
I hope my scripts will be of some help.


@t-saito - thanks for sharing!