Not able to find Live Stream entry in Kaltura free trial

I am not able to find the Live stream entry in Kaltura free trial account. I see that free trial give streaming option till 10GB. Can anyone help why i am not able to see that option in the free trial version?


Trial accounts do not include the Live streaming feature.
If you’d like to check out our Pay As You Go plan in VPaaS, please register at

VPaaS provides more than enough free monthly credits in the first 12 months to do a significant trial.
For full pricing details, please see


Hi Jess,

it’s more the kaltura webcasting platform that I want to try (with the Q&A and slide tools).
If I try the VPAAS, I would need to recreate all that on my own website and that what I want to avoid. Or maybe I misunderstand how VPaas is working.

Could you tell me if I can see that in a real situation with an HD video live stream?

Thank you.

Hi @mturgeon,

Not quite sure I understand what you mean by “If I try the VPAAS, I would need to recreate all that on my own website and that what I want to avoid.”…
VPaaS provides all the web interfaces and APIs the trial account you opened does and much more [such as the live streaming feature for example] so I am unsure as to what you feel you can get by testing with a trial account and cannot get by opening a VPaaS one.

Please explain exactly what your needs are and I’ll be happy to address them.



I’ll try to be more specific. From what I understand, VPaas give me access to the core of Kalture (API, server, distribution), but I don’t understand how it works for the web interface.
I want to see how the webcasting portal look likes (

Because I’m looking for a webcasting platform where attendees will watch our live stream and be able to ask private questions to the moderator. At the end of the webcast, I want to watch analytics and be able to see who was watching the event. From what I’ve seen, Kaltura webcasting should do that.

But how to see that with VPaas is a bit hard for me to understand. From what I’ve tried here (, it’s only the code for a developper, but I’m not. I do not know where to start or what I’m missing.

Thank you,