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I have taken over an old Moodle 1.9 installation with a working Kaltura installation. We have built another moodle 3.4 and I have installed the plugins. I have visited the kaltura local plugin settings page on the new server and the options and settings are totally different than with the old 1.9 moodle can I subsequently cannot get it to connect to our kalturatest server that is a local installation. I beliver this kalturatest server is just a bridge to the outside world

An example of the setting that are available in both servers are:

But then in the old plugin we have:
Hosted account login
Hosted account password

And in the new plugin we have:
admin secret

which are very different, any ideas why our moodle cannot connect to Kaltura? We cannot put in the above details as we do not have them


Hello @albertramsbottom,

For a long time now, the Kaltura Moodle plugins require KAF [Kaltura Application Framework] which is not FOSS and is therefore not available to CE users.

However, @t-saito developed FOSS [GNU GPL v3] non-KAF Kaltura Moodle plugins which can work against Kaltura CE. Please see his announcement here:

Hello, @albertramsbottom

Our plugins have GUIs similar to the old version of “Kaltura Video Package”.
However, plugin names and table structures of our plugins are different from the conventional plugins.
So that, you may not be able to use videos that were previously uploaded to the Kaltura.
If you have a question about our plugins, you can post the question to plugin’s web page.

Best regards

Thanks you so much for that

I have installed the plugins but when I try to save the YU Kaltura Media Local Libraries, I get the error below

local_yukaltura/test connection(Invalid KS [djJ8MTEwfM5r_2MgtX920ntWduk4F8UQ1LWkzly0Cy6IrlgxJNkvfiRzYu7Dsh6CpstY-4gPwjMZw-gi6KgEpJdhuTV3Az8=]. Error [-1,INVALID_STR])

“post a question to the plugins webpage”, do you mean on Moodle?



On the plugin’s web page (on, I have written a reply for your report and question.