Live stream offline: custom image and message?

Does anyone here know how you set up the player so that a live stream that is offline shows a custom message?
In the KMC, when you edit a live stream, you have the option “Offline message” but it doesn’t seem to do anything.
When I look at our live player, the only message there is, is the default “Currently not broadcasting…” as an overlay of the stream.

What we would like is for an uploaded thumbnail image to be shown with a custom message instead of that generic info.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Peter,

See Customise "Entry in Process"
For live streaming, you need to change the value for ks-LIVE-STREAM-OFFLINE-TITLE.
You can see all messages and “const” names here:
If you are hosting your own version, you can change modules/KalturaSupport/KalturaSupport.i18n.json directly, if you’re using the Kaltura SaaS, you’ll need to override it in each embed code as I illustrated on the other thread.

Hi Jess!
Thanks a lot! That was what I was looking for…in a way. I guess I’ll have to create a new player for a specific message.