Kaltura CE 15.2.0 released

Hello all,

The latest version is now available.

kaltura-base (15.2.0) changelog:

kaltura-kmcng (v5.11.0)

  • login: fix update password to work when the user is not logged in (03bc2ee)
  • Two factor authentication support (#844) (4b809f4)

kaltura-nginx (1.16.0)

kaltura-html5lib3 (0.43.0)

  • FEC-8714: change media doesn’t work after player.destroy() on iOS (#317) (46b4928)
  • FEC-8714: removing static video element from the engine (#321) (86fd4f5)
  • FEC-8715: if label does not exist in manifest use the language property (#320) (1af6dea)
  • FEC-8722: more than one caption is checked at the caption menu (#316) (7a1ef49)
  • FEC-8147: set default settings for ABR settings (#323) (b094b39)
  • FEC-8639: fairplay uDRM error handling refining (#319) (e3d4a49)
  • FEC-8682: end screen (#318) (435e812)

To upgrade, please follow:

RPM based:

Deb based:

Or, if running a cluster:

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