Kaltura CE 11.12 Red5 cluster deployment

I’m having some issues with the Kaltura Cluster Deployment, more specifically after the red5 deployment when I create a live stream first off all the live stream details are rtmp://@PRIMARY_MEDIA_SERVER_HOST@:1935/kLive/, and not with the actuall address of the red5 server, also after creating the kLive app on the red5 serverI can connect with the encoder by replacing the obvious @PRIMARY_MEDIA_SERVER_HOST@ with my ip, but I cannot watch the stream in any type of kaltura player, also when trying to load the red5 rtmp link in jwplayer it doesn’t play.

Any suggestions are welcome.
Thanks in advance

P.S: Except that everything seems to be working quite fine at first glance, batch servers, sphinx, dwh.


Kaltura’s implementation for live streaming currently requires Wowza. It will not work with Red5. Red5 can only be used for webcam recording from KMC. Should you decide to purchase Wowza, checkout github.com/kaltura/media-server for info as to how to configure it.

Thank you very much for the prompt response I currently own a wowza reseller license, and will try configuring it with Streaming Engine 4.3.0, the latest release.Will keep posting updates here.
Again, thank you very much.

So I’ve deployed wowza and configured it as instructed in the tutorial, the encoder connects to the dynamically created stream name and so forth but when i try starting the encoder it says that the streamname is busy…

P.S: I tried modified the log4j proprieties but after doing so wowza wouldn’t start. First of all
Set log4j.rootCategory = INFO , there should be no space between = and the rest of the lines. ( so i’ve started wowza with the default log4j configuration )

P.S2: What should be the value of http://@WWW_DIR@ where node1.servcast.net is www address.
P.S3: The java module gives an error when starting wowza:

Exception in thread “Timer-1” java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.kaltura.media.server.managers.KalturaStatusManager.reportStatus(KalturaStatusManager.java:61)
at com.kaltura.media.server.managers.KalturaStatusManager$1.run(KalturaStatusManager.java:38)
at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Timer.java:555)
at java.util.TimerThread.run(Timer.java:505)

As a few more details: I’m trying to deply wowza externally from the front node, and i’m using java version: root@streaming1 bin]# java -version
openjdk version "1.8.0_77"
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_77-b03)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.77-b03, mixed mode)

You got a lot further than I did on this implementation of Wowza. I have not been able to connect to the stream from Kaltura to Wowza. I have managed to connect to Wowza to Kaltura with no issue. I think my issue is related to proper configuration of the authentication process. So you are on a good start.

As for the token I thought thid value was the base URL you use to connect to your Wowza server from the web. Some people use IPs and other configure a TLD or Sub Domain to connect to the host.

Thank for the response,
I’ve opened up a new thread with the Wowza and Kaltura Cluster deployment issues.

I’ve also made some progress. The exception was from a missing lib, which the kaltura tutorial does not include so in the libs you need to have KalturaMediaServer.jar and KalturaStreamingEngine.jar, after adding the two, wowza started just fine, now when trying to connect from the encoder it says that the streaming address is not correct, or that the server cannot be contacted. I’ve deduced this is a step ahead from starting wowza with each of the .jars separatly. With one of the i get the issue where the stream name is busy but it connects with whatsoever stream name I use which is clearly not correct as it should only connect to the dynamically generated one, and with the other wowza does not start at all, with both of them wowza starts correctly and no warnings but it does not connect to kLive, but it does connect to any other live application now what I’ve found out is that there is a mysql connector .jar, which for me atleast indicates that wowa should have some interraction with the mysql server.

I’ve also tryed deploying it on the same server as the the front node, and i get the exact same results.

Sorry for the long post.
Jacob R.

Did you check the following. This was from another post I read. Specifically, did you define the Kaltura admin secret in your configuration files?

If you find something that is missing from the documentation please submit a push request on GitHub to update the documentation so the missing information and/or files can be added.

Thanks, will try that and post an update.
Greatly appreciate all the feedback. Much obliged /bow

Jacob R.

@razvan_iacob, just following up on this, have you managed or do you need additional assistance?

Hi Jess and thanks for following up, at the moment i stopped the live integration as we are using the vod system in a live production enviroment, starting this week i will start work on integration again. But no, i haven’t been able to integrate it with wowza yet. Will post updates with applications.xml and server.xml.

Thanks again,
Jacob R

I have not been able to deploy Kaltura with Wowza to work with Kaltura through FMLE yet either. The only thing I have gotten to work is taking a stream link from Wowza and configure it to play through the Kaltura HTML5 player. Actual connection to the system using the stream link provided after configuration has not been successful.

Additionally, the configuration breaks the Live Real-time statistic reporting build into Wowza after making the required changes to the Sever and log configuration file. I am not sure that this documentation is working with the lastest version of the Wowza Streaming Engine. There are a few out dated reference in the setup. Example, proper way to configure SSL connections versa non-SSL,