Is a video is viewed completely than replay does not work ios

While watching a video completely without moving forward, once the video is completed, a replay icon is displayed at bottom and a play icon on the top of the video screen. Now tapping on this video icon does not play the video.

This issue is happening after taking the latest update via cocoa pods ios.

Please suggest some solution

Hey @shubhendu_shukla,

I can’t reproduce it on my side maybe you can attach a demo?



I am facing same problem. Any solutions? I am using Xcode 8 and swift 3. Following is the code:-

if (player == nil) {
// Account Params
let config = KPPlayerConfig(server: “”, uiConfID: “24096301”, partnerId: “1742401”)
config?.entryId = "0_ijgtnbzq"
config?.cacheSize = 0.8

        player = KPViewController(configuration: config)
        player?.view.frame = playerContainerView.frame
        player?.loadPlayer(into: self)

Hey @mauligulati,

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