How to get meta data of a media entry

Currently, I have the media entry id. I want to get some particular meta data of this entry.
It seems meta data service expecting object_id, but I don’t know about it.

Here is what I want to get for an media entry:

  • The size of media
  • Is it published, private, unlisted?

Any idea?

Hi @kenpeter,

Using the media->get() action, you can obtain the duration and addition highlevel metadata per media entry.
If you want the actual size per flavour, then you’ll need to call flavorasset->list() passing a KalturaFlavorAssetFilter object with entryIdEqual=$YOUR_ENTRY_ID.
The KalturaMediaEntry object holds the entry’s metadata, not the actual files that were created from transcoding the source media. The info for these is kept in the KalturaFlavorAsset. Obviously, the size will vary between flavours.

In regards to your other question, see

and also my reply here: Private videos in media list response