Private videos in media list response

I’m using the media.list endpoint to retrieve a full list of media from MediaSpace and noticed that videos are included in the response even if I set them to be private. How can I tell from the response that the video is published, or, alternatively, request only published videos? Thank you!

Hi @janklimo,

The viewing privileges for a given entry are determined by which channels [at the API level channels are implemented as categories with special attributes] it is attached to. An entry, of course, can be attached to multiple channels.
Based on that association, an entry may be viewed by all, including non-logged in/anonymous users [if you enable anonymous access], available only to the owner [if you haven’t published it to any channel] or available only to users who are members of a given channel.

When choosing to publish an entry, the user is faced with the following choices:

  • Private - Media page will be visible to the content owner only.
  • Unlisted - Media page will be visible to anyone with a link to the page.
  • Published - Media page will be visible to individuals according to entitlements on published destinations

If an entry is to be available to all users [unlisted] then it should be attached to the MediaSpace>unlisted category. The ID for that category is of course different for each partner. Also, note that the root category name is configurable, the default is “MediaSpace” but you should verify that an alt root category was not set in your case.

When calling media->list(), you can use the following members of KalturaMediaEntryFilter:


or, if you want to use category names instead of IDs:


You can pass one or more categories, comma separated.

For a general overview of the content entitlement mechanism, see:

For a more detailed explanation on how to publish entries to channels using the API, please see: