How long can take an upload process?

Hello, Im facing some issues trying to upload videos from mobile devices, sometimes the devices are disconnected from internet after push some fragments/chunks into kaltura server, then when this devices connects again to internet, they start pushing the rest of chunks. The thing here is that after a long period of time waiting the connection (usually > 48hs) and after sending the finalChunk, this videos remains in uploading status for ever on the content manager. Is there anything to take into account related with the tmp folder while we upload the files in Kaltura or with a posible expiration on the uploadToken object?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @juanpanie,

See my reply here:


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Hi Jess, I understand your reply, but fore some reason the uploadToken is working with more than 24hs when using Android, but not when using iOS:

On android Im able to use KalturaClient-3.3.1.jar for the upload, but with iOS I’m just using the REST services , is it possible to have different behavior according to this scenarios (Kaltura Client vs REST)? If so, is there any way to extend the time and avoid Kaltura removes the oldest chunks?

Im using Kaltura 13.4.0-2

Thanks in advance.

Hello Jess, I’been hable to change the time in which the Kaltura Session (KS) is alive and now Im not getting issues with those videos that are really slow to upload.

I’ve just changed the KS creation for more than 48hs and is working.

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Juan Pablo.

Hi @juanpanie,

From this I gather your ENV is self hosted? On our SaaS ENV, we delete stale/orphan fragments at 24 hour intervals, as mentioned in my reply here uploadToken expiry for pause-resume chunked upload

We may provide the same mechanism for CE in the future [this is not done at the moment] but you could always disable it if we do.

Generally speaking, when reporting issues or asking questions, it’s always a good idea to enclose info about the instance you’re working against. In particular, whether you’re using our SaaS or self hosting a Kaltura Server instance.


Hi @jess, thanks for the clarification, yes Im using a self hosted ENV