uploadToken expiry for pause-resume chunked upload

I’m implementing a pause-resume ability to my Kaltura video uploader library in c#, using the chunked upload ability. Everything is working great, but i can’t find the limits of this method -
Can i upload 50% of a file, save the uploadToken.id (and progress), and continue uploading a day after, or even a week? I guess the upload token should expire sometime, but i can’t find anyway in the documentation the duration of that.

To clarify the need - we are uploading big video files, and don’t want the user to have to stay online hours to make sure it’s finished. allowing a pause-resume (or even “stop-resume”) would allow me to make sure videos are uploaded eventually, even if there are breaks once in a while.


Hi @Grimil,

The upload process should conclude no later than 24 hours from the time the first fragment arrived.
After 24 hours, orphan fragments will be deleted from storage.


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