Analytics install failed (dwh blues)


I just performed a clean 16.5 install but kaltura-dwh failed. I got this error:

ERROR 1499 (HY000) at line 1: Too many partitions (including subpartitions) were defined

I´m using a standard Centos 7.8, mariadb-5.5, etc. I went through the process twice but something is wrong with the database.

Any help (Jess) will be greatly appreciated !

Thank you,


Hi @david.eusse,

I’d start by invoking manually:

mysql> call kalturadw.add_partitions();

That’s probably the stored proc that fails. If that’s the case, need to debug it and see why. It is defined here:

So /opt/kaltura/dwh/ddl/dw/maintenance/add_partition_procedure.sql on the server.

Hello @jess,

I just ran mysql> call kalturadw.add_partitions();
This is the result:

MariaDB [(none)]> call kalturadw.add_partitions();
ERROR 1499 (HY000): Too many partitions (including subpartitions) were defined

What is interesting here is that this is a brand new install on Centos strictly following the instructions (that I have performed dozens of times, BTW).

I will try to find the source of the problem and report it if possible.



Hi @david.eusse,

Yes, I know you are well expreinced in deploying Kaltura CE, I never doubted you:)
As I said, need to debug to find the source of the problem, then, we can discuss possible fixes.


Hello @Jess,
Analytics are my bad karma… But I got used to it somehow…