Yukaltura Moodle plugin My Media Preview Firefox (and other browswers) cannot open this page

Dear all,

I finally managed to install Kaltura Propus on CentOS 7. (More straight forward installation in my opinion. , Yet from all things I learned once more, I think I can install Kaltura on Ubuntu/ Debian now… But wel, let’s be practical! )

I installed YuKaltura plugins for Moodle, but when I go to My Media > Preview, loading takes forever and I can read “My Media Preview Firefox cannot open this page …” in the preview window. It seems to have something to do with X-Frame-Options/ Click Jacking. Any misconfiguration? Please help!



Well, a plain URL to my Kaltura CE server would have sufficed. No further path to KMC login… Trying to be smart…

I can see thumbnails now, but that is where it ends: “The requested URL -/html5/html5lib/… some inclomplete URL I guess- was not found on this server”

Any suggestions?

Solved! Choosing the HTML5 Player did the trick.

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Hello @PkMVfJ ,

I’m sorry for late response.
Now, our plugins only support HTML5 players.
V3 players are not supported yet.

If your Kaltura server uses HTTP and HTTP streaming (HLS / MPEG-DASH), when embedding a video in the Moodle (or other web sites) uses HTTPS, you may get a security error for your mixed content.
If your Kaltura server uses HTTPS and HTTP streaming (HLS / MPEG-DASH), you may get an error when embedding a video on a website that uses HTTP.
Therefore, we recommend using HTTPS.


Hi @t-saito,

Thank you for your help! Luckily my site uses https. I am getting my way more and more in Kaltura and Yu Kaltura Moodle plugins. Keep up the good work!




We have released YU Kaltura Media Package version 2.0.0.
In this version, our plugins support HTML5 players (generated by Universal Studio) and OVP players (generated by TV Platform Studio).

Additionally, YU Kaltura Media Resource plugin (mod_kalmediares) supports Moodle mobile app.
Note that, access log aggregation mechanism (count number of playbacks) does not work in the mobile app.