Your hosting service recommendations and suggestions

I want to get a Kaltura installation up and running with minimum hassle, and at a low cost.

Please list your hosting service recommendations for installing:

  1. Using the VMWare package.
  2. Without using the VMWare package.

Also be sure to tell us a little about why you like that particular service.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

please go for the vm ware cloud environment and if you are going for cheaper u can install a single vm ware on single machine . Sometime u may be facing issues related to installation of the kaltura CE as it is not easy to install so don’t install it without vm ware

Thanks Rohan… do you have a recommendation for where I can host a development (i.e., test) installation? Where are you hosting? Unfortunately, I don’t have a 64-bit Windows laptop (mine is 32-bit). I do have a Macbook with Mavericks (which is 64-bit), but I’m a little leery of trying to install there, not sure how easy it would be to work with a local installation. What do you think?

I would suggest you to go with the macbook because it would be easy for you to get the things bone locally and it is a 64 bit also as well as if you are not preferring a VM. But make sure to get the backup of all your data. Kaltura installation is little tricky and would take a whole day for you if you have not done earlier. Good Luck for your Kaltura installation.