Wowza vs. Red5 as the media server

Es muy triste que RED5 lo quitaran de el proyecto para transmisión en vivo… reemplazándolo por WOWZA que por el contrario no es opensource y es de pago … por demás bastante costoso

English translation (Google Translate):
It’s sad that it took RED5 of the project to live … replacing it instead WOWZA is not opensource and paid for other very expensive …

@Franco - we feel the same, sadly Red5 has not been making progress towards becoming a stable solution, and after years of instability it was decided to replace it as the default recommendation.
that said, the media-server project ( was certainly created with extensibility in mind, and should you be interested in using Red5 with it instead of Wowza, you can definitely achieve that by extending the media-server project. We’ve even already started a template to begin such work at: .
We’d be happy to guide your way if you’re interested in taking on that challenge.


@Franco - being foss does not exclude you from having integrations with commercial systems, on the contrary, the openness of the system allows you to integrate with everything, both open and closed systems to support any use case.

Wowza is indeed a commercial solution, but it is not required to run Kaltura. You can just as easily run Kaltura without any streaming server (either VOD use cases, or Live via CDN like Akamai) , or by integrating any open streaming server such as Red5.
In my first comment I’ve also directed you towards a path to integrate with Red5.