Wowza Not Starting


I have attempted to configure Wowza using the instructions on GitHub. Wowza is installed on the same CentOS machine as Kaltura. I would like to keep them seperate, but I figured I’d start with them on the same box. My Kaltura is not configured for HTTPS on 443 so I skipped that part of the install.

After following the instructions, Wowza simply will not start. I looked at others who posted about their Wowza integrations and it helped some, but not enough. I added my config files to a new GitHub repo so they can be viewed in their entirety.

Thanks for the assistance.

I also noticed that the file name nomenclature for the .jar files that get copied into /usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine-4.1.0/lib was not lining up.

I left the file named as KalturaWowzaServer- and also left the filenames of the commons -* files the same also. I granted permissions of 775 on those files noticing that they did not match up with other files in the directory.

I assume the reason it does not start is cause you have Red5 running on that same port.
# netstat -plntu 1935
should confirm this.
If it is so,
# /etc/init.d/red5 stop
# chkconfig red5 off
and start Wowza


Red5 is not running. I did disable its startup just now. Wowza will run with its default config. It is only when you change it for Kaltura, then attempt a restart, that it will not start properly.