WordPress embedding has stopped working

Hi, my site, Newslines, regularly embeds video from TMZ.com into our WordPress site. About a week ago the videos stopped playing. Now neither the new or old videos play. The weird thing is that I can sometimes see the videos playing if I use TOR/Firefox to access the pages remotely.

As we are dealing with daily news it’s very important that we get the pages running again as soon as possible. I appreciate any help you can give. Thank you in advance.

Original TMZ video: http://www.tmz.com/2017/03/01/muhammad-ali-khalilah-conor-mcgregor-floyd-mayweather/

Newslines embedded video page: http://newslines.org/floyd-mayweather-jr/muhammad-alis-ex-wife-hed-be-a-mcgregor-fan/

Hi @sparkzilla,

If you open your browser’s dev tools and look under the ‘Console’ tab while loading http://newslines.org/floyd-mayweather-jr/muhammad-alis-ex-wife-hed-be-a-mcgregor-fan/ you will see:
GET http://llnwdo28.tmz.com/crossdomain.xml net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

So, you need to talk to TMZ about it, not us, I’m afraid.

Sorry, I’m not so technical, can you explain what the problem is?

The problem is http://llnwdo28.tmz.com/crossdomain.xml returns HTTP 404, as in “not found”.
As you can see, that’s expected to be hosted on llnwdo28.tmz.com which has nothing to do with Kaltura.
And so, you need to talk to TMZ.