What happend to the forum?

I posted a question a day or two ago, I went to look for replies and…

The whole forum looks different? And I can’t find my question?

Did the forum get wiped out?


Ok. So my question from 2 weeks ago just disappears, then my followup about where it (and the forum) went goes unanswered for 2 weeks.

I am a new user interested in your product. Can you say “worst support ever”? Make that, I am a new user looking elsewhere, for a product that has some semblance of support.

Good bye!

Hello Bill,

We moved to a new forum system recently. The motive was to have better spam filtering abilities as well as other nice functionalities the Discourse forum system has.

We did migrate the content from the old forum as you can see but, as with any automated procedure, it seems as though your thread was lost for which I apologize.

I will be happy to restore it if you can give me the topic you posted and also, answer the question.

Another good place to post issues, is here:

After following the install proc described here

We are actually very keen on providing our users with support at a rapid pace as can be shown from looking at the GIT issues section and I would love to work with you to make you change your mind.