What does avg_time_viewed mean in the Media Engagement analytics download report?

I downloaded a Media Engagement analytics report (VOD) and I have read both Engagement Dashboard KMC and Kaltura Analytics Terminology.

avg_time_viewed still does not make sense. The terminology page says “The average of minutes viewed by the user, calculated by quartile, per play.” Minutes viewed is “Total number of playback minutes played by the viewers, based on quartile milestones.”

This sounds like the number is the average (mean) of the average (mean) of the quartile reached for each play for each user.

For example,
The video is 10 minutes long.

User 1 watched 2 minutes of the video the first time, and 6 minutes the second time: (0+5)/2 = 2.5 minutes

User 2 watched 8 minutes: 7.5 minutes (3rd quartile)

Average time viewed = (2.5 + 7.5)/2 = 5 minutes

Is this correct?