Web player embed url not working

I’m trying to embed a kaltura player in a React app, and I’m having trouble with buggy performance while using kWidget.

What’s the difference between kWidget and the PlayKitJS player listed on https://developer.kaltura.com/player/web/embed-types-web

I’ve tried setting up a dynamic embed using the link in your docs (with the same partner id and uiconf id I’m using with kWidget):

But I get a 404 error when using this link. Is this no longer supported?


I’m able to embed the PlaykitJs player if I use a TV Platform Studio player, but not a Universal Player. Is that how it is intended to work?

And secondly, is it possible to hide all player controls on the TV Platform Studio player?

The new Kaltura player can be used with the TV Platform Studio (as you already found out :blush:)

fully hiding the UI can be achieved by setting disable flag in the UI settings section when calling setup method.

  ui: {
    disable: true


Can you point me to documentation for this? I have not been able to find that kind of detail here: https://developer.kaltura.com/player/web/getting-started-web