Volume Control on HTML5 V2 Player

Hello All,

Please suggest how can I enable in-player UI for volume control in Kaltura Player using latest Kaltura CE (10.17.0) and HTML5 V2 library on Mobile Devices.

Volume Control works well on desktop/laptop but I need it to be enabled on Mobile devices - Android/iOS latest versions.


Hello Team,

Please suggest on above query.


Hi Rahul,
Volume set by JavaScript in the device browser does not affect the device volume. This is an intentional limitation on iOS and Android. It is very logical as you don’t want any website to be able to change the volume settings of your phone…
Due to that, the volume control is not displayed in the player at all.
The only way you can use the player’s volume control on a mobile device is on a native app using our native SDK player.

Hi Amir,

Thanks for your revert. It makes sense.