Video versioning in Kaltura

I am using a free trial for Kaltura for evaluation purpose and i want to upload a new version of a video ie. the media entry id of the video would not change. Currently i am not able to see any option like this. An entry with a video/ audio once uploaded cant be re-uploaded with a new version. Can somebody guide me where i can get this option ? Is it not available for trial account and i need to upgrade to a subscription account to check this feature?

When you update an entry, the ID will remain the same. I am a bit unclear as to why you would expect the entry ID to change. Can you please explain your desired use case?

Thanks for your reply.
I’m not able to update an entry by uploading a new version of the video in the Content tab of the management console. It’s allowing me only to update meta properties like Title and Category, etc. How can I change the video of an entry by uploading a new version of the video? Am i not able to see any other option because I’m using trial account?

SOLVED: Got the solution. I am able to upload new version of video in Flavors tab. Thanks