Video Upload using Angular 10 and NO MEDIA status issue

Hello, everyone.
Now I am building a project using Angular 10 and using Kaltura API for uploading a video.
This was my step for the video uploading.

  1. request UploadTokenAddAction
  1. request UploadTokenUploadAction
  1. request MediaAddAction

With 3 steps, I get a success response for uploading.
Of course, I could check the uploaded video on the KMC dashboard.
But the video status is “NO MEDIA”

I`d really appreciate it if anyone has some experience in this field and let me know the solution.

Hello @cleandevcode,

Please see

Hello. @jess
Thanks for your kind message.
By following the guide, I could upload videos successfully.
Thank you very much.

In addition, can you please let me know the solution for replacing the current embedded video with the uploaded video?
Best Regards!

Hello @cleandevcode,

You’re welcome.

Hey, @jess
I followed the above guide and fixed.