Video quiz on phone - not recognizing landscape mode - D2L

When a video quiz is attempted on a phone in D2L, the following message appears:

“This video contains features that works best on landscape mode.”

Switching to landscape mode brings up the same message. Are video quizzes simply not supported on a phone interface when using D2L? Or is there some setting in the player I need to make to get video quizzes to work in D2L on a cell phone?

Hi @m6johnson

The quiz is supported in D2L. It is however not supported in small screens. If they phone you are using is very small, you will probably see that message.

Try to go full screen using the player, or a larger phone.
If issue persist, please contact Kaltura Customer Care.

Is it possible a smaller default player would help? What is it about the video quiz that won’t allow it to be played in a D2L window that will play the same non-quiz version of the video?