Validating a Kaltura stream-status?

Hi, I’m looking for a way to monitor the status of our live-stream from Kaltura.

I would like to use a service like - but the problem is that the actual stream is never exposed in any of the URL’s that i have been able to locate so far.

A service like - as far as I can tell - will only validate a URL that contains a stream, not the player that Kaltura is exposing.

Does anybody have any experience or recommandations in regard to monitoring&validating the status of their streams?

Please note: we’re using Kaltura’s SaaS, so not hosting our own server.


Hi @jakobViggo,

Not exactly sure what it is you wish to monitor but if you just need to know whether the stream is alive or not then you can use the same API call the player uses, which looks like this:
This will return true or false.
You can see that request being made if you use a HTTP sniffer while hitting play in any Kaltura player.