Using Kaltura with low bitrate source videos (<600kbps)

We are using Community edition with 4 flavours enabled:
Basic/small h264/400kbps
Basic/small h264/400kbps
HD/720 h265/2500kbps
HD/1080 h265/4000kbps

It all works fine, as long as user upload high bit rate video. However, if they upload a video with <600kbps (for example that is what you get when exporting ppt presentation to video) - katlura transcoder fails with “There was an error processing this media” message. If you increase bit rate on the same video to >600kbps, it works just fine.

I could not find anything in setting, or documentation except for vague mentioning on Camtasia forum that Kaltura has some hardodev “qality” values for h264 codec.

Any tips how to make Kaltura transcode whatever is upload is greatly appreciated.


You did not specify whether you’re using Kaltura CE, the OnPrem edition or our SaaS, the answer below is relevant if you are using CE. Otherwise, the best thing to do would be to contact our support team.

Kaltura allows you to create custom flavours to suit your needs.
This can be done using the flavorParams API or, if you are running a recent version of the server, by going to admin console->Developer->Flavor Params
See this sample script for using the API:

As far as debugging the behaviour of the current flavours, one very useful tool is the admin console->Batch Process Control->Entry Investigation

It will give you a better insight as to what the KDL [Kaltura Decision Layer] is doing with your source video and where it is failing.