User Permissions per Category in KMC?

I have many KMC users, but I don’t want all of them to see all content, but only content from a certain category. Is there a way to restrict a user to selected categories?
I have found many settings for features/operations in user management, but not for content and taxonomy.
Thanks! Jens

Hello @jens1,

KMC is meant to be used by content admins of various levels, not end-users. In light of that, while you can set different roles for your KMC users (see /kmcng/administration/roles/list in KMCng), you cannot restrict access based on categories. However, KMS (Kaltura MediaSpace) allows exactly that. KMS is not FOSS and is therefore not available as part of CE but since it achieves its various operations by making API requests (this is true to all Kaltura web interfaces - Admin Console, KMC, etc) you can implement the same logic in your own web interfaces (using our API).

Please see for more info on that.


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Hi @jess it’s me again, same Jens, but the Google account blocked the forum login, idk.

Thank you very much for your advice, I learned a lot and again I’m impressed with the hidden powers of Kaltura.

you can implement the same logic in your own web interfaces (using our API).

That’s what we had in mind first, but before we start, and as kmcng is foss, do you think it’s a good idea to add the features directly to (a fork of) kmc UI? It seems like just a few additional views. Or will we rather end up in upgrade hell?
Best, Jens

Hi @djens,

You’re welcome and I’m glad you found it helpful.
KMC is indeed FOSS (licensed under AGPLv3) so you can modify it however way you wish. That said, its purpose is to serve the content admins so, while you can have your own version/fork of it, we shan’t be merging such a change to the main branch.

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