User count in KAF is different than API user->list


I’m trying to figure out why the user list presented in the Kaltura KAF GUI is a different list than the users gathered through the api UserService->List.

I’m using the C# client library for the API.

In the KAF the user list has 3622 users listed.

When I use the UserService->list in a loop that updates the page index to fetch all the results, I get 4285 users. Which is a huge discrepancy. There are no duplicates in the user list returned here, they are all unique values.

There are some users listed here that seem like special Kaltura users, so I’m assuming that I’m accessing the list using different permissions or levels of access, but I cannot figure out what. It’s fine if I’m getting different values, as long as there is a logical explanation or I could get the same values if I used different parameters.

            _client.KS = _client.GenerateSession(
                adminSecretForSigning: <signing Secret>,
                type: SessionType.ADMIN,
                privileges: "disableentitlement");
            var returnList = new List<WebKalturaUser>();
            UserFilter filter = new UserFilter();
            FilterPager pager = new FilterPager();
            pager.PageSize = 500;
            pager.PageIndex = 0;
            bool foundAll = false;
            while (!foundAll)
                var response = UserService.List(filter, pager).ExecuteAndWaitForResponse(_client);
                var katUsers = response.Objects;
                var webUsers = katUsers.Select(WebKalturaUser.FromKaltura).ToList();
                foundAll = returnList.Count >= response.TotalCount || pager.PageIndex >= 20;
            return returnList;

I tried using a my user (admin account) instead of an anonymous admin login. If I use a USER type instead of an ADMIN type, then the lookup fails to get any results due to authorization.

I tried using different values for the privileges parameter of the session start ( Kaltura API Authentication and Security - Kaltura VPaaS API Documentation. I didn’t try them all.

All of these different parameters either fail to get any results or get the full 4285 results.

Some of the users listed in the API are special users. For example, my account is an admin account and only appears in the API list. There are some Kaltura users that are only in the API list that seem like special service accounts (kms_config_upload_user , kms_favicon_upload_user , …).

What can explain the difference in the user count?
How can I use parameters in the API ->list action that will get me the same results as the KAF?

Any assistance in helping me understand is greatly appreciated.