Uploading video from youtube into kaltura

Hi ,

I have uploaded a video in you tube. I would like to upload that video from youtube site directly into kaltura. Please provide me proper steps to follow

You will need to download it from youtube and reupload it since youtube does not provide direct download URLs for its videos.
For that, you can use https://github.com/rg3/youtube-dl

Note that you may only do so for videos you have legal rights over.

Is there any opportunity/trick to stream the video using Kaltura while keeping the video source on Youtube?


Is this still applicable or has there been an update which now allows YouTube videos to be uploaded?

You might be interested in: http://corp.kaltura.com/Products/Features/Video-Syndication-and-Distribution

Thanks Jess, but I assume this doesn’t apply to the CE version of Kaltura?

It does actually. You can setup the YouTube connector on CE as well.

Just to make sure I understand this correctly, will this allow me to let users upload a video to Kaltura from YouTube, by simply entering the YouTube URL? How do I go about adding this to Kaltura - is it only available from a certain version?

If I understand this correctly; it will allow you to take videos from Kaltura and upload them to YouTube. What I want to do is the other way around. i.e. I want users to be able to upload videos from Youtube into Kaltura. Is there a way to do that?

You can do it by writing code that utilises the youtube-dl project to fetch the video from youtube and then use Kaltura’s API to upload it onto Kaltura.

If YouTube allows you to directly download a video from it using a single URL, then you can simple use Kaltura’s bulk upload and pass along a CSV with the direct URLs to the YouTube videos but I am unaware that YouTube provides such direct URLs myself, this is why I typically use youtube-dl to fetch the videos.

I noticed that Kaltura MediaSpace has an option to upload YouTube videos? Do you know how this work?
Does it just use a YouTube video viewer or does it download the video from YouTube and re-upload it to Kaltura?

I see that mediaspace allows you to upload YouTube videos. It then shows you the YouTube video but in the Kaltura video player. Is it possible to get this same functionality within Kaltura CE.


Am I to assume that you are saying to get this functionally someone need to create their own customization of plugin to communicate with YouTube’s API and Kaltura CE?

Yes. If you have a direct link to the video’s file you can just digest it into the system using bulk upload CSV for instance or even from KMC by upload->new entry and then, from the entry drill down, on the left pane, go to flavours and import file.

If you do not have a direct link to the file, which as far as I know Youtube never provides, you need a tool to download the original from youtube, such as https://github.com/rg3/youtube-dl and then either use KMC to upload it or the API.