Upload TemporaryFile using Python KalturaClientApi

I’m getting an error when I use a tempfile.TemporaryFile and pass it to client.media.upload

If I use a vanilla filehandle with open() everything works.

example - this works:

tempfh = open('/tmp/tempfile', 'wb')
tempfh.close()  #reopen?
tempfh = open('/tmp/tempfile', 'rb') 

uploadTokenId = client.media.upload(tempfh)

tempfh is <_io.BufferedReader name='/tmp/tempfile'>

This does not work:

import tempfile
tempfh = tempfile.TemporaryFile(mode="w+b")

uploadTokenId = client.media.upload(tempfh)

*** KalturaClient.exceptions.KalturaClientException: expected string or bytes-like object (-4)

tempfh is <_io.BufferedRandom name=14>

Both are file like objects and both have ‘read’ and ‘readlines’ methods and should be treated the same way.

Anyone also experience this? Anyway I can avoid the write to disk just to create a filehandle that the API seems to like?

Seems like a bug to me.

Full code can be seen here https://github.com/RadioFreeAsia/rfa.kaltura2/blob/7c9240063bf193af595840449748236f2c9bf460/src/rfa/kaltura2/kutils.py#L270

Ah, I think it’s the name, which might be an int.