Upgrade Video Player

What is the best way to upgrade the Video Player of a self hosted instance (CE 11.5 Single Server RPM) with the packages available on GitHub?


I am not sure I understand. Are you asking how to upgrade your players to use the latest HTML5 version installed by the kaltura-html5lib package or how to fetch source for a version that does not exist in this package from https://github.com/kaltura/mwembed/?

For the first scenario, it is very easy, go to KMC->Studio and hit upgrade on all relevant players.

For the second one, you can manually download the source and place it under /opt/kaltura/web/html5 the same way other versions are and then rerun the config scripts, but I would not recommend it. If that is your case, what exactly is the reason you need a version that is not included in the latest kaltura-html5lib package?


Hello @jess, I manually downloaded the mwEmbed based on player improvements and saved it in the /opt/kaltura/web/html5/html5lib/ folder according to the instructions on this page: http://knowledge.kaltura.com/faq/how-update-kaltura-player-v2

I manually update the html5_version in /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/local.ini
and /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/base.ini
and /opt/kaltura/apps/studio/v2.0.2/studio.ini

One issue I receive on php /opt/kaltura/app/alpha/scripts/clear_cache.php:

[root@player ~]# php /opt/kaltura/app/alpha/scripts/clear_cache.php
2016-01-11 08:20:31 [require_once] INFO: Starting script
2016-01-11 08:20:31 [require_once] INFO: Initializing database…
2016-01-11 08:20:31 [require_once] INFO: Database initialized successfully
Path [] does not belong to the kaltura server. Skipping.
Path [] does not belong to the kaltura server. Skipping.
Are you sure you want to delete all contents of [/opt/kaltura/app/cache] (y/n) ?

I’m not sure regarding the 2 references "Path [] does not belong to the kaltura server. Skipping."
So I manually clear the cache via: rm -rf /opt/kaltura/app/cache/*

Problem is the Universal Studio is still using the old player version…When create a new player it is saves as the old player version. Then I manually change in player version in the admin console UI Confs with the new version path in HTML5 URL. When I go back to the Universal Studio there is an upgrade option for that player which allows to upgrade to the old version and when I make some edits to that player and save, it saves as the old version.

What needs to be done in order for the new version player to be used in the Universal Studio?

Hi @charles1972,

You need to edit /opt/kaltura/apps/studio/v2.0.2/studio.ini and set the new player version for Studio to use it as default.
Then you need to run:
# php /opt/kaltura/app/deployment/uiconf/deploy_v2.php --ini=/opt/kaltura/apps/studio/v2.0.2/studio.ini

If you are using Ubuntu or Debian, run it with:
–user=www-data as well.

Note that when upgrading kaltura-html5lib, the directory you created might be overridden which is why in general I don’t really recommend doing so.

That worked. Thank you @jess