Upgrade checklist for Kaltura v9.18 & MySQL v5.6.26 RHEL 6.9 PHP 5.3.3

Hi Jess,

I wonder if you have an upgrade checklist? To clone VMware machine before upgrade, Firewall, Backup DB, configuration files and etc.
I appreciate your time and effort .Thanks. Dmitri

VMware machines

  1. Kaltura Server v9.18 (sphinx batch front) 80
  2. MySQL Server v5.6.26
  3. Apache Proxy SSL
    RHEL 6.9
    Behind firewall. Deploy Local Repository for Offline Install
    On rare occasions, you may encounter the need to deploy Kaltura on an offline environment where internet connection is not available, and thus you can’t reach the Kaltura packages install repository (http://installrepo.kaltura.org/releases/).

Behind proxy on local network.

Firewall requirements. Set SELinux to permissive mode - REQUIRED

Backup and Restore Practices

Backup and restore is quite simple. Make sure that the following is being regularly backed up:
•MySQL dump all Kaltura DBs (kaltura, kaltura_sphinx_log, kalturadw, kalturadw_bisources, kalturadw_ds, kalturalog). You can use the following mysqldump command: # mysqldump -h$DBHOST -u$DBUSER -p$DBPASSWD -P$DBPORT --routines --single-transaction $TABLE_SCHEMA $TABLE | gzip > $OUT/$TABLE_SCHEMA.$TABLE.sql.gz
•The /opt/kaltura/web directory, which includes all of the platform generated and media files.
•The /opt/kaltura/app/configurations directory, which includes all of the platform configuration files.

Upgrade Kaltura

On all nodes:
;#rpm -Uhv http://installrepo.kaltura.org/releases/kaltura-release.noarch.rpm
;# yum clean all
;# yum update “kaltura

On first front /batch /spinx server:
;# kaltura-base-config.sh [/path/to/ans/file]
;# kaltura-front-config.sh [/path/to/ans/file]
;# kaltura-batch-config.sh [/path/to/ans/file]
;# kaltura-sphinx-config.sh [/path/to/ans/file]

on MySQL Server
mysql_secure_installation ?
We are planning to install Kaltura DWH on the MySQL.