Update Media Entry plays

Hi all,

I’m trying to update “plays” field of a media Entry but while the code runs without any problems/exceptions the value of the entry stays the same.

The code i’m using is below :

    try {
        String ks = client.getSessionService().start(ADMIN_SECRET, "admin",
                KalturaSessionType.ADMIN, PARTNER_ID, 86400, "disableentitlement");

        // Get Media Entry
        KalturaMediaEntry getMediaEntry = client.getMediaService().get(entry_id);
        // Get plays of Media Entry
        int plays = getMediaEntry.plays;

        int updatedPlays = plays + 1;

        // Create updated Media Entry with plays+1
        KalturaMediaEntry updatedMediaEntry = new KalturaMediaEntry();
        updatedMediaEntry.plays = updatedPlays;

        // Update
        client.getMediaService().update(entry_id, updatedMediaEntry);

     } catch (KalturaApiException e) {
        Log.i(TAG, "Update Num of plays error: " + e.getMessage() );

EDIT : as far as I can tell I can’t update “plays” field. I’m creating a url like this :

serviceUrl + '/p/' + partnerId + '/sp/' + partnerId + '00/playManifest/entryId/' + entryId + '/flavorIds/' + flavorIds.join(',') + '/format/applehttp/protocol/http/a.m3u8?ks=' + ks + '&referrer=' + base64_encode(application_name)

and I’m streaming it in an android app. But still “plays” doesn’t updates at all.

Isn’t the stats service responsible for updating num of plays ? I’m using it but when I check on KMC console plays field does not updates at all.


The plays as displayed in KMC’s content tab, is updated as part of the DWH scripts which run from:

The script that handles this particular job is:
You can see it runs as the ‘kaltura’ user. You can run /opt/kaltura/bin/kaltura-run-dwh.sh directly from the shell to debug.
Note that it starts by cleaning old DWH logs:

rm /opt/kaltura/dwh/logs/*

So if you’d like to retain them, please move them aside first.

Hello @jess thanks for the reply.

I’m using Kaltura SaaS so I don’t think it’s possible what you are suggesting.

Hello @mes,

I see. For SaaS, please open a support ticket so the team can check it out.


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