Unplugging a USB mic during a CaptureSpace recording

While documenting the CaptureSpace setup for our instructors, I tried testing what would happen if a USB microphone were unplugged from a computer during a recording.

The behavior appears to differ between Windows 7 and 10.

In Windows 7, unplugging the mic will cause the recording to stop. The user is shown the “editing” window.

In Windows 10, After unplugging the mic, I noticed that CaptureSpace did not provide any indication that the microphone had been removed. To the user, the recording appears to continue as normal, as if nothing changed.

During playback, I noticed that after the microphone is re-inserted, the video will display a still frame for the remainder of the recording. In a practical example, if an instructor were to accidentally disconnect a microphone while teaching and then re-insert the device, all of the screen capture content following that moment would be lost. In addition, the instructor would have no visual indication that the microphone had been disconnected or that an error occurred.

Is anyone else able to reproduce this issue?

Thank you

Hi Desmond!

We haven’t seen a similar issue with other clients. Would you mind opening a ticket with our support team so we can collect additional info and help troubleshoot the issue?

Thanks for posting!

Thank you. I will submit a ticket.