Universal Studio with 11.18

I still seem to have an error which started in 11.17: I switch to kmc -> Studio and have the list of UnversalStudio players and the other flash studio tab too.

Within flash studio I can use all features, seems to work.

Within universal studio I was able to upgrade the players from 2.44 to 2.45 as usual. I can Copy existing players and delete those copies again.

But when I try to edit one by clicking on its name it just shows the spinning wheel animation for a short second and stays on the overview page.

Creating a new player from scratch does work and even later clicking it again opens the editor for that players. It seems only the given “old” players fail.

I have no errors during this click via kaltlog.
I tried two different browsers (FF and chrom) and cleare theire caches.

Upgrade from 11.17 to 11.18 seems to work, kalt-sanity doesn’t show any important errors, only the DWH error at the end.

Any way to debug or even fix this?

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