Unattended installation frozen

ive had a heck of a time getting Kaltura running, probably because i’m a noob. So in order to troubleshoot easier, i’ve attempted to use the unattended installation, but it appears to be freezing during the step:

" Setting up kaltura-base (11.7.0-2+b1) …"

i’ve tried modifying install_kaltura_all_in_1.sh with -x so i could see whats happening, but unfortunately what you see above is all I see.

I’m using Ubuntu 14.04, up to date on all current packages, after fresh install i’ve done the following:

~/home/user$sudo -s root@kaltura-server:~# sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y apache2 mysql-server root@kaltura-server:~# a2dissite 000-default.conf root@kaltura-server:~# service apache2 reload root@kaltura-server:~# wget -O - http://installrepo.kaltura.org/repo/apt/debian/kaltura-deb.gpg.key|apt-key add - root@kaltura-server:~# echo "deb [arch=amd64] http://installrepo.kaltura.org/repo/apt/debian kajam main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kaltura.list root@kaltura-server:~# aptitude update root@kaltura-server:~# aptitude install -y kaltura-php7 root@kaltura-server:~# wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kaltura/platform-install-packages/Jupiter-10.16.0/deb/kaltura_debconf_response.sh root@kaltura-server:~# vi kaltura_debconf_response.sh root@kaltura-server:~# chmod +x ./kaltura_debconf_response.sh root@kaltura-server:~# ./kaltura_debconf_response.sh root@kaltura-server:~# export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive root@kaltura-server:~# wget http://installrepo.kaltura.org/repo/apt/debian/install_kaltura_all_in_1.sh root@kaltura-server:~# chmod +x install_kaltura_all_in_1.sh root@kaltura-server:~# ./install_kaltura_all_in_1.sh

My values in kaltura_debconf_response.sh look like so (this is just a test install):

echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/admin_console_email string kaltura_admin@mydomain.com | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/admin_console_passwd_again password Password1! | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/admin_console_passwd_dont_match note | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/admin_console_passwd_invalid_char note | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/admin_console_passwd password Password1 | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/apache_hostname string kaltura-server | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/bad_time_zone note | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/cdn_hostname string kaltura-server | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/contact_phone string +1 800 871 5224 | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/contact_url string http://corp.kaltura.com/company/contact-us | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/db_hostname string kaltura-server | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/db_port string 3306 | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/dwh_db_hostname string kaltura-server | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/dwh_db_port string 3306 | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/env_name string Kaltura Video Platform | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/install_analytics_consent boolean false | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/install_analytics_email string kaltura_admin@mydomain.com | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/ip_range string | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/media_server_hostname string | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/mysql_super_passwd password 1y8fBMoVAmzCtmmriNOJ | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/mysql_super_user string root | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/kaltura_mysql_passwd password Z1BnjGzL1UyiiNSBv2kP | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/kaltura_mysql_passwd_again password Z1BnjGzL1UyiiNSBv2kP | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/auto_generate_kaltura_mysql_passwd boolean false | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/second_sphinx_hostname string kaltura-server | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/service_url string http://kaltura-server | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/sphinx_hostname string kaltura-server | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/time_zone string America/New_York | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/vhost_port string 80 | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/vod_packager_hostname string | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-base kaltura-base/vod_packager_port string 88 | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-db kaltura-db/db_already_installed boolean false | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-db kaltura-db/db_hostname string kaltura-server | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-db kaltura-db/db_port string 3306 | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-db kaltura-db/fix_mysql_settings boolean true | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-db kaltura-db/mysql_super_passwd password 1y8fBMoVAmzCtmmriNOJ | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-db kaltura-db/mysql_super_user string root | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-db kaltura-db/remove_db boolean false | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-front kaltura-front/apache_ssl_cert string /etc/ssl/certs/ssl-cert-snakeoil.pem | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-front kaltura-front/apache_ssl_chain string | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-front kaltura-front/apache_ssl_key string /etc/ssl/private/ssl-cert-snakeoil.key | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-front kaltura-front/is_apache_ssl boolean true | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-front kaltura-front/self_signed_cert note | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-front kaltura-front/service_url string http://kaltura-server | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-front kaltura-front/vhost_port string 80 | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-front kaltura-front/web_interfaces multiselect | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-nginx kaltura-nginx/kaltura_service_url string kaltura-server | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-nginx kaltura-nginx/nginx_hostname string | debconf-set-selections echo kaltura-nginx kaltura-nginx/nginx_port string 88 | debconf-set-selections echo mysql-server-5.5 mysql-server/root_password_again password 1y8fBMoVAmzCtmmriNOJ | debconf-set-selections echo mysql-server-5.5 mysql-server/root_password password 1y8fBMoVAmzCtmmriNOJ | debconf-set-selections



First of all, you have shared the response file including sensitive info such as passwds, please remove that.

Secondly, I just updated the file with additional inputs required for the kaltura-nginx package:

that is not your problem seeing how you are saying you are still stuck at the kaltura-base configure phase but nonetheless, please take the latest.

As for your issue, I’d start by editing /var/lib/dpkg/info/kaltura-base.postinst and changing:


to read:

#!/bin/bash -x

then run:
# ./kaltura_debconf_response.sh
# export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive; dpkg-reconfigure kaltura-base

and lets see what happens.

Also, if you are still unable to see the issue, you could start by doing a manual interactive install first and see what the issue might be.

You can later, after successfully completing a manual install, run:
```# debconf-show `dpkg -l “kaltura”|awk -F " " ‘{print $2}’|xargs````
to get all the answers and make that into a response file.


Thank you for the reply Jess!

Alright, so i made it a late night and made some progress. I’ve not been able to get the unattended installation nor the manual installation to work because of a failure to connect to the DB. However, I did at one point do something to get another instance of Kaltura working, so I used the command you gave me and discovered I had used localhost instead of kaltura-server for the DB hostname.

When i expanded the output for /var/lib/dpkg/info/kaltura-base.postinst it confirmed that my problem was stemming from an inability to connect to the DB.

thank you for the help! my issues aren’t over, but i’ll do some research for my current issue (@SSL_CERTIFICATE_FILE@ is being added to the apache conf instead of the sslcert i’ve specified) before i open another topic.

Hi @fgiuliani,

Very welcome. All hostname inputs during the install much be such that resolved from within the Kaltura server and the service URL must also be resolved from where ever you intend to open a browser to use Admin Console and KMC.

If ‘kaltura-server’ is not resolvable by the server on which Kaltura is installed then naturally it will fail to connect to it:)

For you other issue, go ahead and research it and if you can’t understand the cause go ahead and open a new thread specifying exactly what you input, what the end result is and any other info that may help.