Unable to Configure Red5 server

Hi ,

I am unable to Configure Red5 server.

Configure Red5 server

install the kaltura-red5 package:

yum install kaltura-red5

Request http://hostname:5080
Click 'Install a ready-made application'
Mark 'OFLA Demo' and click 'Install'
Edit /usr/lib/red5/webapps/oflaDemo/index.html and replace 'localhost' with your actual Red5 hostname or IP
Test OflaDemo by making a request to http://hostname:5080/oflaDemo/ and playing the sample videos


Request http://hostname:5080 is not accessible (I changed hostname with my IP).

Please help.


First of all, Red5 is only needed if you intend to use webcam recording from KMC. So if you don’t, you can skip it altogether.

If you do intend to use that, start by checking that Red5 has a listener on port 1935 TCP with:
# netstat -plnt|grep 1935

And also check FW rules to make sure 1935 over TCP is allowed.


I am not going to use webcam recording.
Thank you