Unable to Add Categories (Python)

Hi all!

i am uploading Videos using the Python API.

For some reason the Categories are not added to the Video file. This used to work just fine up to the 17th of January.

The Sourcecode looks like this:

uploadToken = KalturaUploadToken()
result = client.uploadToken.add(uploadToken);
uploadTokenID = result.id
fileData = open(vidFileNameFull, ‘rb’)
thumbnailFileData = open(jpgFileNameFull, ‘rb’)
resume = False
finalChunk = True
resumeAt = -1
result = client.uploadToken.upload(uploadTokenID, fileData, resume, finalChunk, resumeAt);
entry = KalturaMediaEntry()
entry.mediaType = KalturaMediaType.VIDEO
entry.name = kalturaName
entry.tags = kalturaTags
entry.categories = kalturaCategory
entry.description = kalturaDescription
entry.referenceId = ReferenceID
entry.moderationStatus = 1
result = client.media.add(entry);
kalturaVideoID = result.id
resource = KalturaUploadedFileTokenResource()
resource.token = uploadTokenID
result = client.media.addContent(kalturaVideoID, resource);

If i print the Object “entry” it shows this:
‘categories’: ‘MyVideoCategory’,

but if i print the Result of the Media.add(entry) it looks like this:
‘categories’: ‘’,

Can someone tell me if something changed?


This is solved, the Customer changed the Content of the categories parameter to empty everytime i tried to upload something.