Hello everyone,
We are having issue with TV PLATFORM STUDIO on kaltura version 16, when we try to add new player we don’t see player on preview and when we try to embed player no player shows up.

When digging we found that it makes call to embedPlaykitJs, which in turns make another call to

i dig in that player builder service, first there was issue with gulp and npm version and gulp was not working, i fixed gulp issue then builder does not build anything,
First issue it is looking for player version 0.54.0 in /opt/kaltura/html5/html5lib/playkitSources/kaltura-ovp-player/
but the version in there is 1.3.0

Also i looked inside gulpfile it is trying to read the file in this format ‘*.i18n.json’ and there is no such file in that player version, change the version from 0.54 to 1.3.0 did not work.

i tried to see if i can pull the latest code for playkit-js-bundle-builder, i read file and it says url is but the it returns 404.

Not sure what to do next,
Pointer to any direction would be great help
Thank you

Make sure that the process plakit-js-bundler is running in your server.