Thumbnails not loading after clearing tempthumb directory


We were running low on server storage and after troubleshooting we got to know that we are storing huge amount of data in the tempthumb directory. So after some research we got to know that we can delete the data of tempthumb directory as it is used for caching the thumbnails. And it won’t affect the application as these thumbs would be regenerated from the source file itself.

Now after deleting the data of tempthumb data, we are unable to see the thumbnails for some content and getting black screen on the content thumbnails.

Can you guys please help us with this issue. Hope to hear from you soon.

To better describe what happened, after clearing the the tempthumb directory we are no longer able to view photos we have stored in Kaltura. We can see videos with no thumbnails but they are not playable. We are in desperate need of some guidance. Any help is appreciated.

We got the issue resolved. The problem was permissions on the tempthumb directory. The persmissions were only for root and once we gave apache and kaltura persmission, the thumbnails started to be regenerated.