Thumbembed in Android not showing preroll

Hi there,

I’m using Kaltura player v2.66.1 and everything is going great, but in Android I cannot use thumbebed option because I get an error from the IMA SDK:

[ima.common.ErrorUtils] Error play dispatched: AdError 400: There was an error playing the video ad. Caused by: AdError 1205: The browser prevented playback initiated without user interaction.

So the preroll is ignored and the content shows normally. I guess this is because the player instantiated after the user pressing the play button in the thumbnail is autoPlay.

These are the flashvars included in the object of the thumbebed call:

{WebKitPlaysInline: true}
doubleClick:{plugin: true, adTagUrl: “…252Cqzzium0t6%2Csnil8knoa%26firstpreroll%3Dtrue”, numPreroll: 1, preSequence: 1, debugMode: true}
mobileAutoPlay: true

When use kwidget.embed with this same configuration the preroll shows without any problem.

Have anyone gone through this issue? Any help will be welcome.

Thank you!!

Raúl Hijosa