The access to service [report->getTable] is forbidden (SERVICE_FORBIDDEN)

I want to use the report.getTable function to retrieve TOP_USER_CONTENT][47] . I am able to start a client session with Kaltura using app tokens, but I am getting a SERVICE_FORBIDDEN error when I am trying to use the report.getTable sample code mentioned in the DEVELOPER documentation. I have a session type “USER” created for me along with the following Kaltura App token details by my team mate : id , token, partnerId, sessionDuration and sessionPrivileges. I have also added the getTable Python code which I am using. Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong. Feedbacks are appreciated.

reportType = KalturaReportType.TOP_USER_CONTENT
reportInputFilter = KalturaReportInputFilter()
reportInputFilter.categories =“MediaSpace>site>channels>channel_name”
reportInputFilter.fromDay = “20221201”
reportInputFilter.toDay = “20221225”
pager = KalturaFilterPager()
pager.pageIndex = 1
pager.pageSize = 20
order = None
response_options = KalturaReportResponseOptions()
result =, reportInputFilter, pager,order,object_ids,response_options)

Thank you.

when creating your KS you need to add “disableentitlements” to the “Privileges” field. This will get you past the error.

App token details were created for me by an associate. I have the following variable within the sesssionPrivileges parameter (setrole: ******). Will I still need to set sessionPrivileges to “disableentitlements” if I have sessionType ADMIN?

Thank you @Kuligowski for your response. The resolution was to set privileges to your KS either to “disableentitlements” or “sview” depending on your use case.