Streaming for more than 1000 users

Hello team, is it possible to make a streaming for more than 1000 users and that they can interact with each other during the streaming in the comments?

You can upscale your simultaneous users but it’s more related to the delivery infrastructure (CDN) than Kaltura itself.
I don’t know exactly what you mean by user interaction but I guess it’s more related to an external application than the stream itself.

We have successfully live streamed very large events reaching more than 100K users.
To make it simple, just use a single node nginx-rtmp large server (separate from kaltura) with sufficient Bandwidth and you’l probably be able to serve about 500 to 1000 connections.



Hi David

My question is: When users are watching the streamimg in Kaltura do they have a space to post comments or ask questions about the issue that is being broadcast?


Yeison Cuartas


I think you need to develop a special app/module for that. I think you need to provide some kind of feed/chat that can be integrated with the player.

Keep in mind that not all users are watching the same video segments at the same time. It think it is difficult to sync both the conversation and the live stream compared to the added value of that feature. May be it’s easier to integrate a Tweeter feed or something into your stream.


Kaltura has a webcasting module. But it is not part of the community offering