Storage export rate


I am adding many entries to kaltura and they are configured to be on a remote storage.

The remote storage process is configured to run 3 simultaneous processes.

It works great but it is not continuous.
Every few storage exports it stops for about 30 seconds, even though there are still many jobs in the queue.

Hi @benny_1,

When you say it stops, what exactly do you mean?
I suggest you start by checking the jobs related to the entry under Admin Console->Batch Process Control to see what’s done when and what’s pending. Then also go to the relevant worker’s log under /opt/kaltura/log/batch/ to better understand why the execution may be delayed.
Note also that the storage export process involves more than one worker so, you may have:

enabledWorkers.KAsyncStorageExport                  = 3
enabledWorkers.KAsyncStorageExportCloser            = 1

Thus 3 concurrent batches/Storage/KAsyncStorageExportExe.php will run but only one closer and the cycle will not finish until the closer is run.

I mean it pauses for 30-45 seconds every 30 seconds or so.

Here is what I have configured:

enabledWorkers.KAsyncStorageExport = 3
enabledWorkers.KAsyncStorageExportCloser = 2