Statistics when using wowza edge (in vod mode)

Somebody told me that wowza can provide superior streaming when compared to kaltura alone so I’m thinking of integrating it in an opensource app I’m building (As some kind of commercial layer for the premium users)
The app is more of a VOD and most of the wowza integrations mentioned are related to using it for live streaming.
I got them “loosley coupled” in a way that I let wowza and kaltura share the same filesystem and I request mpd files from wowza that are managed from kaltura.
In this type of setup will kaltura even know that a file is being served? That might hide the video hit from the statistics which I was hoping to use.
Any better setup when combing wowza and kaltura in “vod mode”?


I am not sure why you’d want to introduce a closed dep on something like Wowza for VOD.
For live streaming, either Wowza or using a CDN that does this for you will work. For VOD, I see no added value in it at all.

To boost performance, ideally you’ll want to serve the files from CDN and Kaltura has integration with the most common ones, to name a few: Akamai, Amazon and Level3, though there are a few more. You can also extend Kaltura to support additional ones rather easily.

You can also use our Nginx VOD module instead. Of course, if you have a lot of users all over the world, using a commercial CDN can provide value in that a user would hit an edge close to him physically but as far as repackaging MP4 files as HDS, HLS or DASH, the VOD module does a very good job.
You can read more on that here:

and here:

or, for deb: